How to login WeBooster

1. First login your chrome account, and then login youtube with the account that you want to boost.

2. Open the WeBooster extension panel, and click the "LOGIN" button.

3. Select the account to login.

4. After login, you will see the follow panel, click the  START button to get coins.

5. if you have enough coins, then you can goto dashboard and boost your videos.

 How to get more coins?

1. Open the WeBooster extension panel, click the  START to start, the WeBooster will auto complete the tasks and collect coins.

2. You can go to WeBooster store to purchase coins.

How to boost my videos?

1. Open youtube.com, and you will find a lot of "BOOST" buttons in chanel or user's videos page. For example:

TIP: if you can't find the "BOOST" buttons, try to refresh the page.


click the "BOOST" button to push video to your video list.

2. Open the WeBooster extension panel, and click the "DASHBOARD" button to go to dashboard. select the "My Videos" page.

3. Select the video you want to boost, and then click the button to open the setting modal. select the "My Videos" page.

4. Click the save button, then you will find a "BOOST" label, done!!